Sphingonet publications

*denotes publication involving 2 or more network partners


1) *In vivo profiling and visualization of cellular protein-lipid interactions using bifunctional fatty acids (2013) Haberkant P, Raijmakers R, Wildwater M, Sachsenheimer T, Brügger B, Maeda K, Houweling M, Gavin AC, Schultz C, van Meer G, Heck AJ, Holthuis JC. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 52:4033-4038

2) The product of C9orf72, a gene strongly implicated in neurodegeneration, is structurally related to DENN Rab-GEFs (2013) Levine TP, Daniels RD, Gatta AT, Wong LH, Hayes MJ. Bioinformatics 29:499-503

3) Discovery of new Longin and Roadblock domains that form platforms for small GTPases in Ragulator and TRAPP-II (2013) Levine TP, Daniels RD, Wong LH, Gatta AT, Gerondopoulos A, Barr FA. Small GTPases 4:62-69

4) *The yeast P5 type ATPase, Spf1, regulates manganese transport into the endoplasmic reticulum (2013) Cohen Y, Megyeri M, Chen O, Condomitti G, Riezman I, Abdul-Sada A, Rimon N, Riezman H, Platt FM, Futerman AH, Schuldiner A. PLOS One 8, e85519. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085519


5) *A Fluorogenic Probe for SNAP-Tagged Plasma Membrane Proteins Based on the Solvatochromic Molecule Nile Red (2014) Prifti E, Reymond L, Umebayashi M, Hovius R, Riezman H, Johnsson K. ACS Chem Biol. 9: 606-612

6) Peptide ligands stabilized by small molecules (2014) Chen S, Bertoldo D, Angelini A, Pojer F, Heinis C. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 53: 1602-1606

7) Sphingolipid homeostasis in the web of metabolic routes (2014) Aguilera-Romero A, Gehin C, Riezman H. BBA Mol. Cell Biol. Lipids 1841: 647-656

8) Ceramide synthases as potential targets for therapeutic intervention in human diseases (2014) Park JW, Park WJ, Futerman AH. BBA Mol Cell Biol Lipids 1841: 671-681

9) Sphingomyelin synthase-related proteins SMSr is a suppressor of ceramide-induced mitochondrial apoptosis (2014) Tafesse FG, Vacaru AM, Bosma EF, Hermansson M, Jain A, Hilderink A, Somerharju P, Holthuis JC. J Cell Sci 127: 445-454

10) *RIPK3 as a potential therapeutic target for Gaucher’s disease (2014) Vitner EB, Salomon R, Farfel-Becker T, Meshcheriakova A, Ali M, Klein AD, Platt FM, Cox TM, Futerman AH. Nature Medicine 20: 204-208

11) *Fat and fabulous: bifunctional lipids in the spotlight (2014) Haberkant P, Holthuis JC. BBA Mol Cell Biol Lipids 1841: 1022-1030

12) Caged lipid as tools for investigating intracellular signalling (2014) Höglinger D, Nadler A, Schultz C. BBA Mol. Cell Biol. Lipids 1841: 1085-1096

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14) Systematic lipidomic analysis of yeast protein kinase and phosphatase mutants reveals novel insights into regulation of lipid homeostasis (2014) Da Silveira Dos Santos AX, Riezman I, Aguilera-Romero MA, David F, Piccolis M, Loewith R, Schaad O, Riezman H. Mol Biol Cell 25: 3234-3246

15) New frontiers in sphingolipid biology (2014) Holthuis JC, Igarashi Y. BBA Mol Cell Biol Lipids 1841: 645-646

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17) Biomarkers for disease progression and AAV therapeutic efficacy in feline Sandhoff disease (2015) Bradbury AM, Gray-Edwards HL, Shirley JL, McCurdy VJ, Colaco AN, Randle AN, Christopherson PW, Bird AC, Johnson AK, Wilson DU, Hudson JA, De Pompa NL, Sorjonen DC, Brunson BL, Jeyakumar M, Platt FM, Baker HJ, Cox NR, Sena-Esteves M, Martin DR. Exp Neurol 263: 102-112

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19) Alterations in the interactome of serine/threonine protein phosphatase type-1 in atrial fibrillation patients (2015) Chiang DY, Lebesgue N, Beavers DL, Alsina KM, Damen JM, Voigt N, Dobrev D, Wehrens XH, Scholten A. J Am Coll Cardiol 65: 163-173. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2014.10.042

20) Functional characterization of enzymes catalyzing ceramide phosphoethanolamine synthesis in mice (2015) Bickert A, Ginkel C, Kol M, vom Dorp K, Jastrow H, Degen J, Jacobs RL, Vance DE, Winterhager E, Jiang XC, Dörmann P, Somerharju P, Holthuis JC, Willecke K (2015). J. Lipid Res. 56:821-835

21) A new family of StART domain proteins at membrane contact sites has a role in ER-PM sterol transport (2015) Gatta AT, Wong LH, Sere YY, Calderon-Norena DM, Cockcroft S, Menon AK and Levine TP. Elife 4: 10.7554/eLife.07253

22) *Intracellular sphingosine releases calcium from lysosomes (2015) Höglinger D, Haberkant P, Aguilera-Romero A, Riezman H, Porter FD, Platt FM, Galione A and Schultz C. eLife. doi: 10.7554/eLife.10616

23) Immune dysfunction in Niemann-Pick type C (2015) Platt N, Speak OA, Colaco A, Gray J, Smith DA, Williams IM, Wallom KL and Platt FM. J Neurochem 136 Suppl 1:74-80. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13138.


24) A comparative study on fluorescent cholesterol analogs as versatile cellular reporters (2016) Sezgin E, Can FB, Schneider F, Clausen MP, Galiani S, Stanly TA, Waithe D, Colaco A, Honigmann A, Wustner D, Platt F, Eggeling C. J Lipid Res 57: 299-309

25) Bifunctional Sphingosine for Cell-Based Analysis of Protein-Sphingolipid Interactions (2016) Haberkant P, Stein F, Höglinger D, Gerl MJ, Brügger B, Van Veldhoven PP, Krijgsveld J, Gavin AC, Schultz C ACS Chem Biol 11:222-230

26) Proteomic dataset of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus adhesive organs and secreted adhesive (2016) Lebesgue N, da Costa G, Ribeiro RM, Ribeiro-Silva C, Martins GG, Matranga V, Scholten A, Cordeiro C, Heck AJ, Santos R. Data Brief  7: 1497-1505

27) Deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying sea urchin reversible adhesion: A quantitative proteomics approach (2016) Lebesgue N, da Costa G, Ribeiro RM, Ribeiro-Silva C, Martins GG, Matranga V, Scholten A, Cordeiro C, Heck AJ, Santos R J Proteomics 138: 61-71

28) A General Strategy for the Semisynthesis of Ratiometric Fluorescent Sensor Proteins with Increased Dynamic Range (2016) Xue L, Prifti E, Johnsson K. J Am Chem Soc 138:5258-5261 

29) Development of Potent and Selective S. aureus Sortase A Inhibitors Based on Peptide Macrocycles (2016) Rentero Rebollo I, McCallin S, Bertoldo D, Entenza JM, Moreillon P, Heinis C ACS Med Chem Lett 7:606-611 

30) Phage selection of peptide macrocycles against β-catenin to interfere with Wnt signaling (2016) Bertoldo D, Maola MGK, Dessen P, Held W, Huelsken J, Heinis C. ChemMedChem, in press. doi: 10.1002/cmdc.201500557

31) Bifunctional sphingosine for cell-based analysis of protein-sphingolipid interactions (2016) Haberkant P, Stein F, Höglinger D, Gerl M, Brügger B, van Veldhoven P, Krijgsveld J, Gavin A-C, Schultz C (2016) ACS Chem Biol 11:222-230.  doi: 10.1021/acschembio.5b00810

32) Phage selection of chemically stabilized alphahelical peptide ligands (2016) Diderich P, Dessen P, Khan MM, Bertoldo D, Pizzitola I, Held W, Huelsken J and Heinis C. ACS Chemical Biology. In press

33) Homogeneous time-resolved G protein-coupled receptor-ligand binding assay based on fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (2016) Antoine T, Ott D, Ebell K, Hansen K, Henry L, Becker F, Hannus S Anal Biochem 502:24-35

34) Switching head group selectivity in mammalian sphingolipid biosynthesis by active-site engineering of sphingomyelin synthases (2016) Kol M, Panatala R, Nordmann M, Swart L, van Suijlekom L, Cabukusta B, Hilderink A, Grabietz T, Mina JG, Somerharju P, Korneev S, Tafesse FG, Holthuis JC J Lipid Res. 57: 1273-1285 

35) Making Sense of the Yeast Sphingolipid Pathway (2016) Megyeri M, Riezman H, Schuldiner M, Futerman AH J Mol Biol doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2016.09.010

36) Piecing Together the Patchwork of Contact Sites (2016) Gatta AT, Levine TP Trends Cell Biol in press 

37) Monitoring Changes in the Oligomeric State of a Candidate ER Ceramide Sensor by Single-Molecule Photobleaching (2016) Cabukusta B, Köhlen JA, Richter CP, You C, Holthuis JC J Biol Chem in press

38) Diverting CERT-mediated ceramide transport to mitochondria triggers Bax-dependent apoptosis. Jain A, Beutel O, Ebell K, Korneev S, Holthuis JC (2016) J. Cell Sci. In press



39) ER residency of the ceramide phosphoethanolamine synthase SMSr relies on homotypic oligomerization mediated by its SAM domain. (2016) Cabukusta B, Kol M, Kneller L, Hilderink A, Bickert A, Mina J, Korneev S, Holthuis JC. (2016) Sci. Rep. In press




ER residency of the ceramide phosphoethanolamine synthase SMSr relies on homotypic oligomerization mediated by its SAM domain. (2016) Cabukusta B, Kol M, Kneller L, Hilderink A, Bickert A, Mina J, Korneev S, Holthuis JC. (2016) Sci. Rep. In press

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  1. Ceramide_Phosphoethanolamine_Synthase
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  3. S1PR1
  4. Membrane contact site
  5. Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type I
  6. Photoactivatable probes
  7. Dihydroceramide desaturase
  8. Phosphorylation
  9. EThcD
  10. O-6-methylguanine-DNA_methyltransferase
  11. Green_fluorescent_protein
  12. Snap-Tag
  13. Wikipedia:Marion Cameron Gray
  14. Wikipedia:Myrtle Corbin




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